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Piglrim’s Progress

One of the greatest resources for the aspiring missionary!

A Manifesto for Christians in Africa: Foundations of a Biblical Worldview

A helpful short explanation of biblical worldview and a systematic summary of theology.

The Amaturisation of Missions

Short-term missions are very popular, but there are many potential pitfalls that must be avoided for the honor of Christ.

Track Your Flights

Curious to know if your flights are on time or if your guests will arrive on time, use FlightStats to follow their progress.

Centers for Disease Control

Read the latest reports on your destination to learn about ways to avoid health hazards.

U.S. State Department

A great place to learn more about processes of applying for passports, visas, or get info on travel warnings or immunizations.

World Missions Travel

World Missions Travel has been used by RP Missions for many years and have provided wonderful service.

The Reformation in Scotland 1625 to 1690

The second part of a lecture series by Rev. Andrew Quigley concerning the Second Reformation in Scotland.

The Reformation in Scotland 1520 to 1625

Those preparing to serve in Scotland would do well to get familiar with the history of the Reformation.

Sanctification: The Forgotten Part of the Gospel

An excellent sermon by Pastor Reese dealing with the process of sanctification and its implications.

Missions: Biblical Motive and Aim

One of the finest examinations of a Biblical approach to missions. A must read for all contemplating short or long-term service.

Do I Need Vaccinations?

Curious as to the shots you might need for the location you plan to visit? Check out this website.